Bombs of Hades

When death comes knocking. That’s kinda what it was like when BOMBS OF HADES got together to continue creating Old School Swedish Death Metal. Back in 2002 EKMAN and STÅLHAMMAR came to the notion during a drinking session that they wanted an excuse to go down to the rehearsal room get drunk and play music
At first this is what they did: go down there, get drunk and bash out some tunes with a couple of other guys.

After some time though they started to get serious about the songwriting and they called upon SÖDERBACK and FORSBERG to join the ranks.  All the pieces came together like a sign from hell. In 2008 it was time to unleash some of the stuff that had been happening in the rehearsal room.
The ìCarnivoresî EP was recorded and released by BLOOD HARVEST records as a limited vinyl only 7 inch EP.
The EP created some buzz in the Death Metal undergound and was quickly sold out.
In 2009 the band was featured on the ìResurrected in Festering Slimeî compilation album with mainly new swedish Death Metal bands.
Since then the band has been doing shows with among others:CRUCIFYRE,TORMENTED, SINATE, USURPRESS, TRAGEDY, TORTYR, ENTRENCH and DEAD AWAKEN.
At the end of 2010 the first full-length album ìChambers of Abominationsî was released again by BLOOD HARVEST Records on vinyl only to critical acclaim.
2011 saw the band release a new vinyl EP, ìInto the eternal pit of fireî, a split 10î with TORMENTED and a split 7″ with USURPRESS.
2012 starts off with the ìNo lifeî split 10î with MORDBRAND before the 2nd album ìThe Serpentís Redemptionî is unleashed before the summer

Bring out your dead!