One Hour Hell

In the death and ashes of the Södertälje (Sweden) based metal act Oxide 2007 four of the members (Micke Hansen, Martin Ågren, Krister Andersen and Johnny Nymark) decided that it was time for something new for them, something harder and more energetic with faster and different riffs that the band was used to and the band One hour hell was founded.In october 2008 they recorded their debut album ”Product of Massmurder” with the producer Johan ÷rnborg at Studio Mega. In 2011 Jens C Mortensen (Carnal Forge) joined the band as a new bassplayer.
2012 the band parted ways with the singer Mikael Hansen and started writing new material for a new album.
Early 2013 Jocke Mikiver (Tormention) joined the band as the new singer and shortly thereafter the band went in to the studio Blueflame productions with the producer DR Möller to record the new, skull crushing album Interfectus!

Early 2015 Ludvig Ågren Hertz joined the band while Jens C Mortensen went back to his vocals in Carnal Forge.
The summer of 2015 the band made a european tour with Loch Vostok and Persefone.
In the start of 2016 the long time guitarist Johnny Nymark left, after playing in the band from the dawn of One Hour Hell.
Ludvig took the guitar right away and made it clear that One Hour Hell would not sound the same 2016.
Spring 2016 OHH got their hands of a new bass player, Victor Parri the new and hopefully the last bass player in One Hour Hell.